Monday, June 3, 2013

When I'm a Learner

I earned a degree.  
The state licensed me and printed my certificate. 
 It said I was a teacher and allowed me to walk into a classroom.

But what does that mean?

photo credit: mrsdkrebs via photopin cc

For I am still learning, day-by-day.
And if I ignore the words of my students.
Or treat them as subordinate, what does that say about me?

Hmmm. Where do I grow the most? 
When I sit in meetings or conferences that assume I am a blank slate,
I feel frustrated.  For I have ideas to share, as do the patrons in my room..

If I work to make my students architects of their learning.
Shouldn't my own professional learning experiences be the same?

Thoughtful opportunities that help me grow.
Give all of us chances to use our voices.
Instead of one-size-fits-all experiences that are top down.
When will that change so all stakeholders have a voice?
I wonder.

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