Sunday, June 16, 2013

Tales of a PLTW novice, Day 1

So, it is the first night of a two week inservice on Project Lead the Way, an engineering and STEM initiative. I am taking this on the recommendation of a local math teacher, and as a member of the NE Iowa STEM council. I have to admit that I am initially skeptical, because I am a believer in process, not programs, but I am willing to give it an honest shot. I believe if systems are designed to do what is best for the students, supporting it is a no-brainer. So here are my questions:
  1. What do students get from this?
  2. Is this good pedagogy that is constructivist in nature?
  3. Does this help to develop critical thinking, teaming skills, tech literacy, and long-term knowledge?
  4. How does this knowledge transfer to other places?
  5. How does this align with NGSS standards on a K-12 basis, and how does this compare to inquiry based kits already available?
  6. How good is the research on PLTW student imterest and effects?
Here we go. I hope you follow the journey.

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