Monday, November 11, 2013

Disconnect: Is It Possible?

The video above and this blog post really made me stop and think.  And when I do, I often find myself asking students what they think.  So I asked 43 of them, using a short Google form.

The results were really pretty clear.

Most of my kids have handheld devices.   No surprise there.  The worry, however, is that these three kids will be shut out of the collaboration. What can we do about this?

Note that more than half of the kids are always connected.  Are you?
Our society seems to have a pretty high tolerance for digital devices being out.  Personally, I prefer them to be off during meals.  What about you?

Panic from a device disconnect..  Does it affect you and your classroom?

Other than one person who told me clearly to push off, I see some honest admission of addiction here.  What implications does that have for our classroom?

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