Monday, October 21, 2013

Knowledge, not Grades

It's the end of the quarter, which means it's time for my recurring theme of knowledge > grades. 

photo credit: Ken Whytock via photopin cc
I do not like grades, or points, or spam. 
I do not like them, Stan or Pam. 
I'll tell you what you've done for me, 
But is that an A, a B, or C?

Depends if it has changed your learning.
Or if your brain is still a-churning.
If it was garbage in, then garbage out.
Than all I can do is cry and shout.

For learning takes a skill that's new.
And shares a passion that is true.
It's more than simply jumping hoops.
It changes minds, it's like a soup.
That gets much richer as it stews.
A process to enrich, renew.

I do not like the grades or spam.

It will not tell you who I am.

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