Thursday, May 16, 2013

A #WOWWork Linoit

Just a note:  I think #wowWork should be the next great thing to highlight our students.  What is that?  Simple--work our students do that is Worthy Of the World.    Can you tag something your students have done and share it out using the #wow tag?

I've always thought that Linoit was under-utilized by most students, but this is not the case here. It's a web tool that is worth thinking about to focus on note-taking or information processing.

This is one of those moments where a student synthesizes his knowledge by organizing his learning.
I think he (and this) are #WOW ....Worthy Of the World.

Original Assignment


  •  hyperlinked multiple Linoit canvases together to make a final product. 
  • material he had to look up is referenced.
  • material we covered in class is pulled from notes without attribution.
  • sustainability of a population is discussed according to specified parameters.
  • color-coded to create meaning.


 How do you use Linoit or WallWisher Padlet with your students?

How do you promote the organization of knowledge?

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