Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Goodwill Drive

West Delaware Students and Parents:

KFXA FOX-28 is hosting the 1st Annual Goodwill Drive to Victory” during the football season across Eastern Iowa.  Included in their Drive to Victory is this week’s game between West Delaware and Dyersville Beckman.  Both schools have one week to donate as much as possible to the Goodwill trailer located at their school.  The winning school will be announced Friday during the game at Dyersville Beckman. 

A Goodwill drop off station is located in the West Delaware High School Parking Lot.  Clothes and household items can be dropped off this week only.  Please help us collect as much as possible this week.

So, clean out your garage, your closet and basement.  Look for those items that you no longer use which may still be of value to someone else.  Clothes, toys and household items are accepted.  No food please. Drop off your donations at the Goodwill trailer in the West Delaware High School Parking Lot.  Tax Deduction Forms are located inside the trailer.  

If you have any questions, contact Mike Morrison at 927-3515 ext. 302.

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