Wednesday, February 9, 2011

ICN meeting for Iowa IRIS schools

So we met again to figure out how to take 'the next step' with our intentional non-learners. 

Dates to Remember

February 15:  meetings in Western Iowa

Statewide meeting on 24th and 25th at the Schemann Conference Center in Ames, 
  • starting at 10 am and going to 4-4:30
  • starting at 8 am and being done about 1:30

##focus on accountability plans during this time##
Case study approach:   a) what is working, b) what is unique  c) how can we change?

March 14 Union, Summer,  Bellevue, and Davenport North
March 15 PM West Delaware, Central Clinton

Intervention tools:  We have data collection tools for attendance and behavior.  We NEED data collection tools for math and reading 

West Delaware: We have added extra struggling learners and assigned them mentors for weekly checks.  We are looking at a systematic Tier 3 structure for next year, and the conversation is in process.

West Sioux:  mentor/mentees are in place; follow mentor meeting schedule.   Updated data within the Learning Criteria process.  30 minute meetings for struggling learners happening at the middle school.  We are looking at information for the intentional non-learner.

Union:  mentoring program is a work in process, and have met with schools that have established projects.  Our mentors are designed to be community members.   BINGO game for staff interaction and motivation.  Reading,  Teach Like a Champ,   Teacher advocates are trying to help struggling learners.  We need to have ways to motivate and continue the momentum.

Manson:  Finalized process and learning teams are talking about interventions, a struggling learner survey.
30 minute meeting next week.  We need to motivate the intention non-learner

Sumner:  Mentoring program is in place.  Working on Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 for system-wide adoption.  30 minute team meetings. 

AHST :  In transition, with a new administration.   Intentional non-learner focus needs to happen.


General questions about ICLE conference attendance and/or presentations.

RTI in Chicago Conference, can Warren pass this information along?

Concerns about funding were raised.  This is an issue for the future that we have, but hopes are high for funding.

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